Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Wednesday and Thursday sort of ran together. We had a long discussion on Wednesday, and I spent the two days sorting things out. I've gone off of all sweets, even fruit, except for one banana a day. Either it or the oatmeal really spike my blood sugar, so I'll be trying different things, like having only half for breakfast. Lunch has been the weirdest -- every time my blood sugar has been drastically lower after eating than it was before. I think I'll try spacing my metformin out a bit and seeing how that works.

One of the things I've decided to do is log off every night at 22:00, take my walk, then have together time with Andy at 23:00 until whenever. I'll probably start updating my journal for the last night sometime in the afternoon. Today is an exception since Andy is currently at Tanner's for fondue, and I'm waiting for him to get home before I start my walk. Aside from not wanting to tempt myself with fondue, I slept on my neck wrong or something and it's been pretty sore the past two days. It didn't help matters that I played pull-tug with a very sweet dog today, although it's better now -- I can turn my head with almost no pain.

Andy's contact in New Mexico estimated on his outgoing voicemail message that jury duty would end today. Meanwhile, we got a call back from the apartment complex in NM. One of the floor plans we liked so much will be free on the exact date we were aiming for; June 15th. Tomorrow we'll be mailing a check and faxing a copy and it's on hold for us. Because of ECC and because Andy's potential employer has a deal with the apartment complex, we only have to put down a third of the usual deposit to hold it. We're really excited about this since the apartment is pretty much everything we want amenity-wise with stairs for Thena and Gail to play on and lots of space. Those who are interested can take a peak here.

Friday errands came and went. While Andy is at Tanner's I watched two episodes of While You Were Out and cleaned out both Brita pitchers, plus the Foo fountain. Now quite up to the standards of While You Were Out, but hopefully he'll be happy. He just called and is on his way home, so I'll close up now.
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