Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I have been very tired the past two days; the last time I was this exhausted was before my food allergies were diagnosed and I could not keep any food in me. That's not the case now, in fact if anything I've been better than usual with not eating wheat products. I'm wondering if it's due to the medication switch I pulled this past Sunday. The doctor took me off a drug (at my request) which is known for some very scary and permanent side effects. He didn't think the condition it was treating should be let go, though, so he prescribed another. The biggest side effect is a sedative effect, which is just fine by me since I have trouble sleeping on my own normally. I'm also on Trazadone, a sedative, for sleep issues. I'm thinking of skipping the Trazadone tonight just in case the two together are sedating me a bit too well.

Andy got me flowers today! He got a white rose and gorgeous purple delphiniums. A few Siggraphs ago he sent me a purple bouquet in a purple crackle-vase, and the vase complements the delphiniums' color perfectly. For together time he played Final Fantasy while I spent quality time with Thena on my lap. At least I didn't fall asleep this time. Andy also got mail from Philip in Albuquerque's secretary saying she'd noticed that Andy had written a few times but that Philip was still in jury duty, which I thought was a really nice thing to do.

Today I made the guest bed and finally cleaned the kitchen (only to mess it up again in dinner prep). I'm trying to solve a mystery currently; a while back I got four new pillows from Lands End (they were sold in sets of two and I got two sets). Andy and I are each using one, and one of them is at Mom's because I couldn't sleep on her very broken ones. I can't find the fourth one, and I'm getting a bit worried. I know we'd brought the fourth one to Mom's when Andy and I were there, but we shipped both of them back, and I only took the one back with me when Grandpa started getting worse. I'm hoping I find it before Turnberry arrives, since all of the other pillows we have are in various states of broken-ness.
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