Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I think I'm going to stop using subject lines unless something substantial has happened. I'm running out of ways of saying "more of the same".

Today was a Monday, starting off finding out that the auction I'm running (which I haven't mentioned here before) is against eBay policy. I was offering a choice of three comic books (since the reason I had them was because I kept buying lots where there were duplicates), and that's a problem because it might confuse people. Sadly enough, I understand their reasoning -- I've talked to plenty of people for whom "choice of three" would be completely incomprehensible. Anyway, they're letting the auction run its course and I'll have to revise what I'm selling afterwards, whether I relist it or just sell the rest of the lot.

I got a phone call from Smart Corporation today. For those just joining us, when I had my allergy testing done I only got the results, not a list of what I was tested for. I had to contact Smart Corp, which handles the records for UNC, and they sent me the lab results for a little girl who'd gone deaf. I called and they sent me the clinic notes, which told me what I already know. I waited a while to make sure the lab results weren't just coming from another place, then called on Friday and left a message. The woman who talked to me today said she'd see if the lab results were unavailable for some reason (such as the doctor not filing them yet), since it seemed odd to her that twice now they've not sent them. I hope they find them and send them to me. sirushi thinks I may have a nightshade allergy, and I want to make sure I wasn't already tested for them before I go and request further testing.

Andy and I spent some quality time together this morning. No dissertation, no computers, not kitties in the room -- just us. We need to start doing that more often.

After lunch I got some prescriptions filled, mailed out a paperweight and the pet insurance claim forms mentioned yesterday/earlier today, then came home and... slept. The heat was fierce today and gave a whole new aspect to the term "enervation". Since the AC in our car is officially absolutely dead and opening the windows more or less just let more heat in, I was pretty tuckered out by the time I got home.

Andy and I went to Tanner and Janell's for Geeks' Night. It's something we started doing four or so years ago, back then ordering pizza and watching Babylon 5. There are now three couples and we sort of rotate whose house/apt it's at. Now we watch Junkyard Wars and sometimes make the pizza, other times order out. Once I get another round tuit and figure out a wheatless pizza crust I suspect making pizza will be much more common. Luckily I'm just allergic, not intolerant, so I can still eat wheat if I want to put up with the reaction.

I took my walk late again today, though once again the heat wasn't appreciably better at 22:30 than at 21:00. This time I did a full six rounds, though, and need to guzzle some water at some point in the near future. I may take my blood sugar again to see if the walk did a dent on the pizza and the peach I ate, blood sugar-wise. In fact, I just did, and the answer is "heck yes". Before dinner it was 98, now it's 93, and that after eating a lot of pizza and a large peach, which is more or less pure sugar as far as diabetes is concerned. I'm beginning to feel better about the walks; I'd been concerned that going to walking from the Nordic Track would be too much of a compromise.

The other thing I'm going to do is stop trying to come up with conclusions. I have to remind myself that this is a journal, not an essay for grading.
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