Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today did not leave any doubt as to what day it was -- it was a Monday through and through. Maybe the rest of the week, seeing that it pulled no punches, will go easy on us. It would be so nice if we heard something encouraging from the job front. I wonder if Andy's interviewer is off of jury duty yet, or has submitted the paperwork.

A while back I mentioned that Andy got a paper accepted to Siggraph. The reviewers asked for some changes, and about a week ago Andy sent them a revised version, and was waiting to hear if they needed a new set of revisions. Starting with a phone call to our apartment and then some forty-five e-mails between yesterday and this morning, his former advisor was hounding him to make changes all based on "what if"s. By the end he was contradicting earlier what-if revisions. Finally, less than 90 minutes before the deadline, they got back to Andy with their final set of changes. None of his former advisor's what-ifs were among them.

On Saturday we faxed our applications (including SSNs, bank info, copies of our drivers' licenses, etc) to the apartment complex we're hoping to live in if Andy gets the job in New Mexico. Unfortunately the area code was a typo. I spent most of today using every reverse lookup site on the web as well as searching by the phone number on all of the big search engines, trying to figure out who exactly just got two identities just begging to be stolen dropped into their laps. The best I could do was narrow it down to Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow we're going to fax a polite request for whomever to destroy the paperwork and hope they do. Meanwhile I got our credit reports and signed up for a trial version of a service which notifies you if any loans or credit cards have been issued in your name. We have online access to our credit card, so Andy will be watching charges to the card very closely.

When I went to the doctor's last week he took me off of one of my medications (at my request) and prescribed another (not at my request). Last night was the first time I stopped the old and started the new. This morning I had more trouble than usual getting up and have been irritable all day. I don't know if it was the meds or absence of sleep or some of both, but I snapped a few times when I shouldn't have, and owe Andy big time. I'm going to try getting to bed a little earlier tonight and seeing if that helps.

Last night I only took half a walk. Today I bought some bunny Peeps (dismembering little bunnies is so theraputic) and jelly beans on sale and ate some of both. I ended up taking another half a walk this evening to supplement my full walk bc (before candy). I saw one of the bunnies tearing away in the other direction -- I wonder if it heard the Peeps screaming all the way from my apartment or something.
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