Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We've amended our plan to donate the teddy bears to the PTA thrift shop; one of our friends offered at least some of them a home. Since his area of study in med school was in pediatrics, I'm hoping he knows a hospital which could use the rest. If not, we'll donate them to the UNC children's hospital.

Gail was so cute this morning. She was on top of the bathroom cabinet and I began petting her. She enjoyed it so much that she tumbled clear off of the cabinet. Luckily I caught her, and she was all purrs as I hugged the squeak out of her.

Today I gave Andy an anniversary card since last week was so hectic. Then Andy wrapped the birds for Pamela and I boxed them. Afterward he did some storage re-arrangement which made the apartment look much cleaner. If we can keep this up we may even be in decent shape for moving. After he was done I drove him to work and dropped off the birds and an early wedding present for erish at Staples. Then I noticed that I had our canvas bags in the car, so I decided to do our grocery shopping early this week.

I had barely gotten in and put the groceries away when Andy paged me -- I'd forgotten to give him a calling card and let him photocopy my driver's license. On Monday I'd called the New Mexico Equity folks and the one whom I talked to had said we could put in our application while waiting to see if the floor plan we wanted would come free, so today we faxed the lot in. Something weird happened when we were trying to get in touch to get their fax number; when we called the number switchboard gave for them, we got a fax machine. I just called the number again and got voicemail, so I left a message asking them to let us know if they got it safely.

Andy only had a bit of stuff to finish up, so I waited until he was done and we went home. He got everything done yesterday and today, so he has tomorrow completely off, and since I shopped today it means we don't have to go out at all tomorrow. We got home and I started making the make-up anniversary dinner: buttermilk chicken and rice and flopped brownies. Andy made salads and set the table, and I got into one of my nicer dresses. We had a candlelit dinner with Martinelli's.

After dinner we watched Trading Spaces, and I revealed my secret from shopping today -- I'd gotten ice cream and hot fudge and whipped cream for the brownies. Once we'd put ourselves outside of the sundaes I loaded the dishwasher and went for my walk. I have a feeling we'll be kidnapping each other for the majority of tomorrow so we can continue the anniversary celebration. Meanwhile, he's playing Gitaroo Man, and I'll probably go watch or see if there's anything else he wants to do.
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