Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Last night Andy left the window opened -- it was very cool, and it gave us the opportunity to snuggle under the blankets. At some point in the very early hours he got up and shut the window, but we still ended up in a snuggle-fest when we both woke up. Then Andy exercised and I fell back asleep.

We ran our errands today as usual. Afterward we went to South Point. A friend of ours is due in two weeks, and we were really cutting this one close to the wire, but there's a Build-A-Bear bear on its way to their house. They don't know if it's a boy or girl because it was in such a position that they couldn't tell from the ultrasounds. Andy's also going to make an origami mobile for them.

After we got home we ate leftovers and then Andy went in to work. While he was there I gathered up some bears we've decided to donate (none which have names or special meaning, so if you've given us one, don't worry). I also tossed on the to-donate pile a very old Easy-Bake Oven which I'd purchased for only one purpose -- to bake bribes for Andy's committee when he defended. With those out of the way I was able to move a bunch of boxes from the guest bed to the floor, and now it's a bed again. Now I just need to wash the sheets and we're all set.

I also washed, folded, and put away several loads of laundry (it's amazing how much we go through), cleaned our room some, and re-cleaned the kitchen yet again. Then I went for my walk. Andy was home when I got back, and I'm hoping we can wrap Pamela's birds tonight or tomorrow morning. Then I'll take them and an early wedding present for Kirsti to Staples and send them, and since I'll be right near the PTA drop-off, I can unload the bears.
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