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After being fairly low-key yesterday, today I started back in where I had left off in doing stuff. While Andy was having lunch with Tanner I re-cleaned the kitchen. I also did some straightening up in general as I waited to hear from Donna as to whether she'd be driving up with Heather or just coming by herself.

In an earlier entry, quite possibly Sunday's, I mentioned that I pulled up the webpage for the apartment complex in New Mexico which I liked so much. To my surprise (see here for more details), he did a bit of research (apartment rating sites, what kind of broadband is or isn't available and so on) and said that we should definitely check the place out. This was the first of many surprises.

On Monday I called the complex, with his blessing (surprise #2), and asked about the availability of the townhouse. He'd also said that if one was free in mid-June we should jump on it (#3), but find out if they'd refund the hold deposit in case the job didn't pan out. As it turns out they don't have anything in the time range of mid-June to early July yet, but the nice man said he'd call me if one came open, and that they generally don't know until 30-45 days in advance. He was pretty certain one will, and offered to fax an application. Both Andy and I will need to fill them out so they can run security checks on us, but it's just a minor annoyance. In surprise move #4, Andy said we'd fill out the application and fax it back so that if something does open up they'll have all of the pre-qualification out of the way. This is, by the by, an Equity Coast to Coast (ECC) deal.

Ever since Andy said he'd be applying to Sandia I've been checking out floor plans of houses built by two companies who have deals with Equity in other states: Centex and KB. However, as of 13:00 today, when I checked Equity's Rent with Equity (RWE) site, I got something identical to this if you substitute "Mexico" for "York". At about 13:00 I submitted a feedback saying that I was looking at ECC for New Mexico, but that one of the major draws for us was RWE, and I noticed they had no partners listed. I noted that Centex and KB both built there, and asked if Equity had plans to make a deal with either or both.

After I sent it our connection went down, then Andy got home. He figured out it was something which couldn't be fixed except by a long wait on hold, so I drove him to school. I snail-mailed a package to a friend, then I went to Staples and sent a package via UPS to erish, who is visiting her SO in the US. Then I dropped off four more grocery bags at the PTA thrift shop, mostly with Andy's clothes. Next was a doctor's appointment. Somehow or other things got confused and I spent nearly an hour waiting. The appointment went well; they're taking me off of a medication which was causing side effects while not really working any more. I won't start taking the replacement until Andy and I have done some research on it, but I have samples for once we have.

The appointment ended so late that it was legal to park on campus, so I went to Andy's building and called his office. He wasn't in, so I decided to check his normal haunts. After taking a wrong turn I found him in not-his-normal-haunt and sat in for the rest of a meeting. Then we decided to go home and get a breather between his work and GNO. When we got home I had two e-mails of interest. Donna and Heather couldn't make it because all of the children are sick, so GNO was on for me. Also, Equity's regional manager had e-mailed to say that they have a deal with one of the builders. Sure enough, I went to their New Mexico page and found this. This had happened between when I wrote the e-mail at 13:00 and when we got home at about 18:15. So, basically, if Andy gets the job and if we decide to buy a KB house, we'll get 3% off the total. We would have to drive it up to California pricing to not get the full 3%.

It was just Tanner, Bram, and us for GNO. The pizza was from Kentucky Pizza Hell, but we're all still alive. We watched the Junkyard Wars where a British, a French, and a US team have to build an airplane from early 1900s parts and with period tools. It was a lot of fun, and the team I was rooting for won. When we got home the night was gorgeous -- cool and windy. I hadn't taken a walk earlier in the day, so I decided to take one then. I love cool windy nighttime walks with a really really light rain, more of a mist but with occasional drops landing on me.

On the way home from lunch with Tanner Andy stopped by a hardware store and bought a special ceiling hook which latches into the ceiling once it's in place. We'd used one of those plus a normal hook to hang our bear hammock, and the normal hook fell out within a few days. Hopefully this time it will stay up, and now the bears are off of the floor. Andy also did some cleaning I'd not yet gotten around to. It's been a pretty productive day for both of us; now it's time to try to sleep.
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