Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy had an early meeting with his boss/former advisor today, so I got my walk in before coffee and oatmeal. I should definitely avoid that in the future, especially when the groundskeepers are out keeping grounds. Oh well, tomorrow is "lunch with Tanner" day, as well as GNO. It may only be Tanner and us, since Ben hasn't replied at all and Conni said a few weeks ago she wasn't comfortably attending due to all the tech talk.

Then again, it may only be Tanner and Andy. I've mentioned in passing Heather's friend Donna. When we were visiting Heather last weekend Donna gave Andy a massage. I sent a thank-you e-mail to Denny, Donna, and Heather, and mentioned that we'd see them in a month unless they came to visit. Donna replied today, and after some volley e-mail it ended up looking like she (and possibly Heather) may be coming up on Friday. If so, I'll need to unbury the bed in the guest room, and about the only time I'll have to do it will be when GNO is happening.

Other than that today was fairly quiet. We had sour cream noodle bake for dinner. The kitties may be on hunger strike, or their new food may be far more filling than their old food was. I'm giving them half-scoops instead of full at their two mealtimes; I'll see what happens. I seem to recall this happening before I switched them to Friskies and it was the same brand then, so I'm not too worried.
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