Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Last night Andy was really exhausted, so we turned in at about 22:00. Neither of us slept well, through no fault of our hosts. As always, Denny and Heather were wonderful. I set her up an LJ icon (check out celebril to see Regina holding Danielle) and left some notes about what my character would do in case the game actually happens in two weeks. Andy and I won't be able to make it since we're flying to DC to meet his parents for a craft show.

Anyway, Denny grilled some incredible steaks yesterday (Heather made pasta and tomato sauce to go with and I made corn). Since Andy was so tired we didn't talk much. This morning Heather went to church with Regina while we chatted with Denny at home. I showed Andy the apartment I've been drooling over in NM, and after checking a few things he agreed that we should talk to the complex as soon as we hear anything. Then Heather and Donna arrived and Donna gave Andy a nice long massage. We discussed our potential move to NM, and that we'd be able to come visit Chapel Hill (only a 3-hour drive away) as many as four times a year just for Andy's work if he gets the job. Denny also mentioned them using one of his vacation weeks to drive out and visit us. See Andy and me complain.

The drive home was quiet. We chatted about some offline fantasy stuff and ate the delicious roast beast sandwiches Denny and Heather made for us. It was sort of weird getting home at 18:00 while it was still bright and sunny. I began doing a ton of laundry which will be staying here, then went for my walk. When I got home I half-watched Trading Spaces. Andy drove to and from Lynchburg so was tired of the car, so I went up to Neo China to hunt down dinner. The hunt was successful, and much devouring went on once I got home. I made the bed (the sheets had been the first thing in the wash) and am now puttering around.

We get to see turnberryknkn in two weeks! Andy and I agree that all in all it's been a great day.
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