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I spent most of today laundering and folding clothes, though ultimately I wasn't done in time to make the 18:30 deadline. Everything is done now, so I can take the thirteen grocery bags (clothing) and two boxes (ceramic birds and glass vases, plus some glass birds) in tomorrow. While laundry was happening I also did dishes, finished descing firelizards, and finished setting up the "how to use this code" page. I also took my walk and decided to get take-away for dinner -- fish and chips from the local Arthur Treacher's. I got a book I won on ebay in the mail, and worked on some AD&D stuff for this weekend. I also called Heather to make sure this weekend was on, and found out that they ended up not playing while we were in England. I'm selfishly happy about that because it means we can start where we left off.

At about 22:00 Andy called. His first words were "we have some things to discuss". The summary, though, is as follows:

When Andy interviewed at nVidia, the interview was a lot like his PhD orals -- a test to destruction. They grilled him on things until they found something he didn't know, then went on. His interview today was starkly different. The mood seemed to be "Ok, we've read your resume and you look good on paper. Let's see how we like you in person". He was asked some technical questions, but they had a purpose. One manager, before interviewing him, showed him the evaluation sheet he'd be filling out. Afterward he read Andy the sheet again, including what he'd filled in. He liked Andy a lot.

Over dinner the person whom Andy first contacted, Phil, said his goal was to make Andy an offer. He goes on jury duty tomorrow and something could go badly wrong at the higher levels of bureaucracy, but apparently they'd been looking to fill this position for nearly a year, and they were despairing of filling it at all when Andy's resume dropped into their laps. His area of expertise isn't exactly what they're doing, but the manager who read him the evaluation said that Andy had relevant research and was a good presenter (now there's a surprise). We aren't going to start packing until we have an offer letter in hand, but for now it looks like things are finally at least somewhat hopeful.

Some of the other highlights included the option of us being allowed to visit UNC on a fairly regular basis (and hopefully we'd have time to visit Heather and Denny), and the option of spending time at their Bay Area site so we could visit the Entropy crowd. They're flexible on start date and, if I understood correctly, also allow some sort of flex time. Dress code is said to include shorts and Hawaiian shirts. All in all, it sounds like Andy is a good fit for their style.

Andy will be home at about 17:30 tomorrow if all goes well flight-wise. The current plan is to go to Firebirds for dinner, then come home and rest up. Saturday overnight to Sunday we'll visit Denny and Heather and hopefully get more of a chance to roleplay our AD&D3 characters. Then next weekend we'll do things to celebrate our 5th anniversary, which is actually tomorrow. I just hope we don't have a repeat of the fiascoes to and from Indy when Andy tries to get home tomorrow.
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