Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy and I went out to lunch at Big Bowl today. I opted to pick my own veggies (broccoli, carrots, and snow peas) and have them stir fry it with teriyaki sauce and chicken. Technically teriyaki sauce isn't one of the options, but so far two waiters have allowed it, so I'll probably keep doing it that way. Andy had pad Thai, and then I had to drive him to the air port. Luckily we remembered that American takes off from terminal C before I dropped him off at terminal A. Andy also observed that it seems they're only stopping the larger vehicles at the checkpoint on the way in.

On the way he asked me what my plans were for the next few days. I told him I'd be doing some code help and maybe setting up a firelizard clutch or two, plus something else which I had to figure out how to implement. He told me to remember to do something nice for myself. I had to pass Southpoint Mall on the way home from the airport, so I stopped at Sears to see if they have the Lands End clothes I like so much. Unfortunately they didn't, but I did find some other stuff -- colors, even, instead of my default black. A while back we were given a clothing budget, but I'd sort of stalled acting upon it. Today I finally did, and I have a genie to thank at some point.

I got home and started on my big project, after ordering some other clothes from Lands End. A while back I mentioned that I had a bunch of clothes just taking up space. I pulled them out from under the bed (I mentioned that I cheated in order to get the room clean before we went to England) and began laundering them. I'm hoping to get them all washed and folded and packed tomorrow in time to drop them off at the PTA thrift shop. I'm not sure how much of it they'll be able to use, but hopefully I'll be helping them quite a bit. I also collected a bunch of vases and my ceramic birds; I plan to take them for donation as well. If anyone would like the vases or the ceramics (there are blue jays, cardinals, and humming birds) please let me know, although the bugger will be shipping. At some point we've managed to throw away the original boxes, and I don't know if I could wrap them well enough to ship.

While washing the clothes I also worked on the firelizard clutch and the MUSH code. Tomorrow I need to finish all three -- descing some critters, finishing some explanations on the code, and washing/drying/folding/packing a mound of clothes. The latter need(s) to be done by 18:30; I hope that's possible given how long they take to dry. Andy won't notice much by way of improvement since the clothes were under the bed, but I do hope to stuff some of our smaller bears under the bed until we re-hang the hammock. This'll make the guest room appear at least a bit cleaner.

Andy got to New Mexico safely. He's somewhat pessimistic about his chances (given how he's been strung along by other places, I can't blame him), but I have to note that the current interviewers are appreciably nicer than those for the RDU/California job. For instance, someone picked him up from the airport, then took him out to dinner. They've put him up in a hotel which includes breakfast in the room price, and they'll be supplying lunch and dinner for him tomorrow. At the other place he was completely on his own for food. I hope this is a good omen. He'll be interviewing from 07:00 to 21:00 tomorrow; the last hour or two is a dinner interview.

The kitties and I miss Andy, but I have several projects to keep me from dissolving into a lump. Unlike some of the projects I've done other times when he was away, this time I'm not going to finish within hours what I planned to take up the better part of a day. In fact, I may not get the clothing done, especially if I sleep in tomorrow. Right now, though, I'm going to fold the load which just finished drying, put the soaking wet load into the washer, and start up a load to wash overnight, then go to sleep.
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