Cat (willowisp) wrote,

After taking a nap to make up for the early/busy morning I puttered around until Andy got home from lunch with Tanner (pushed up two days since Andy will be gone on Thursday). He'd bought some new pants which he needed since he's lost a bunch of weight. I washed them so he'll have nice interview clothes, then went to pick up the Widget. As always the folks there adored her -- when I walked in the receptionist said "I'll call someone to bring out little Gail". I'm sure she didn't want for attention all day. She's been what I call "desperately affectionate" since getting home; any time it looks like we might touch her she begins self-administering scritches.

After we were sure Gail was ok I took Andy to work. While he was there I took advantage of the lapse in the rain to get in a walk, only getting a bit damp. I had gotten some frozen bread dough and started it this morning as a surprise for Andy. Once it was done baking I picked him up and brought him home for bread and beef veggie soup. He played Final Fantasy for a while, we had a fire, then we watched Animusic. He and I are planning on retiring early tonight since we won't see each other for a few days.
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