Cat (willowisp) wrote,


Thanks to Andy setting the alarm I was vaguely awake and got Gail to the vet a few minutes early. I also needed to drop off a prescription at a pharmacy near the vet, but they didn't open for an hour so I hung out in the 24-hour grocery store part until 09:00. After I got home I began tonight's dinner (beef veggie soup, yum), and now I'm waiting for 10:00 so I can feed Thena. Just now I got a call from the vet -- the dental work is already done, but they'll be keeping her until 16:00 to make sure she doesn't have any bad reactions. I'm really happy about that; usually they don't call until it's time to pick the kitty up and I fret all day. Now I know she's done and waking up and being taken care of. And I get to go retrieve her in six hours!
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