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It was cold and rainy today, so after taking Andy to work I used the fitness room treadmill. Then I went shopping to get Iams® cat food (they were out last time so I got Friskies®, and one or both seem to be having tummy troubles) and food for Andy and me. When I was done I picked Andy up, came home, made dinner, and cleaned up while watching him play Final Fantasy.

We had to start starving Gail at 20:00. She gets her teeth cleaned tomorrow and has to have fasted (and she also can't drink) for twelve hours before they put her under. I always feel so awful doing this because the poor little thing doesn't know why I'm being mean to her. I was originally going to keep the fountain and Thena's food in our room and close Gail out, then I realized that would be a bad thing -- she'd probably think she was being punished if we didn't let her cuddle with us. Anyway, I have to have Gail to the vet by 08:00 tomorrow, so I'm going to try to get to bed early.
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