Cat (willowisp) wrote,


Life has quickly fallen back into usual patterns. Today we did our grocery shopping, Andy worked on his dissertation, and I hunted around for things I'd misplaced. Today I did so unusually frequently, even for me, though as of this writing I've found everything but the pet insurance claim forms and envelopes, and a bit of white-out and one of our envelopes were sufficient to get around that. I can't wait to see what "I can never forget this because it is so intuitive" place I'll find the paperwork in.

Thanks to merlinofchaos I finally got a round tuit and tried to switch our domains away from Network Pollutions/Veriscam. I don't know how well it worked because my browser got completely hung on the confirmation page. I sent an e-mail to find out if I need to resubmit or if they got the info and it was just a problem with the acknowledgement page loading.

I fed and played with Jewel, who was breathing normally and was very happy to chase the evil feather beast. Because I'm a sucker for cats being cute I took some pictures. The first is her preparing to pounce on the aforementioned feather beastie, and the second is a triumphant capture.

One of my three auctions got a bid, so I'll be shipping it off tomorrow. I relisted the necklace/bracelet at a slightly lower opening bid and the second paperweight at a fairly more substantial reduction. It'll be interesting to see if I can sell them in round two.

The highlight of our day was probably when I gave Andy a shouler-rub. After lugging a heavy backpack around Siggraph all week and with the tension of trying to get his paper written he was in some readily apparent pain. Hopefully my "what I remember from choir ten+ years ago" massage was enough to do at least some appreciable amount of good.

I took my walk very late tonight in hopes that the temperature would break. I finally just decided to go when it hit 79 at 23:30, and in deference to the heat and the hour I only did three laps. It took just about half hour, which is exactly within my normal range. I saw no fireflies or bunnies tonight, only this really nasty-looking bug which I avoided because it looked like it could probably bench press me. Have I mentioned that bugs get big in NC? At least it was on its back struggling to turn over so it paid me no mind.

Since I began walking two and a half hours later than usual, bedtime approacheth. Tomorrow the temperature's supposed to get into the three digits -- maybe I'll have to go back to the Nordic Track. I hope we get some rain soon, both to ease the heat wave and hopefully to end the drought.
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