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I'll probably have access while at Emily and Tom's, but just in case I decided to do a mini-entry for today. We were both up bright and early again today and have been mostly getting ready for the trip -- we haven't really had time to pack until today.

I remembered to give the kitties food and put their dish in Foo cam range, refill their fountain, and cleaned the regular litterbox plus the spare I'd put out for the England trip. I've also done two loads of laundry, one of dishes, packed for Andy and me, and bundled up all of the souvenirs we're snail-mailing and gotten them addressed. I also carded some earrings which I may someday sell (erish bought a pair -- my first sale!) to show his family. Usually I'd get this all done frantically as we were watching the time to leave come and go, but I have enough time to write this entry, too. Go me!

Today we have to pick up and deposit Andy's paycheck, mail the loot, eat lunch, do Andy's Friday errand, then head to the airport. We'll be landing at about 21:30 and then hanging around and waiting for Erin and Owen (Andy's sister and her SO) to arrive from NYC. I've already warned Emily that we may just want to veg tomorrow, given how hectic things have been and, for Andy, are going to be the coming week. Anyway, I'll try to report in from Indy. Have a nice weekend!
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