Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy's been waking up at 3:30 the past two nights, which makes sense since we got up at around 8:30 while in England. He's also getting tired far earlier than usual. According to what we've been told, it takes 1-2 days per hour shifted to get back to normal. I've not been getting up quite as early as him but definitely early for me. I think I'll revel in that for a few days before worrying.

Andy had lunch with Tanner today, then needed to go into his office. We'd rescheduled my Friday errand for today because we need to be at the airport tomorrow when I'd usually be doing mine. Afterward Andy went back to work until nearly 22:00. I actually called him at around 21:00 to make sure he hadn't fallen asleep there. While waiting for him to finish up I got as much dinner prep as possible done so we managed to finish eating by 23:00. We're both going to bed early again tonight -- probably not a big surprise for anyone following our adventures.
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