Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Both Andy and I were up early today; he earlier than I. Then when I decided to just get up I noticed Gail curled up next to and leaning against me looking incredibly cute, and ended up staying until she got up. I was dizzy on and off for most of today. Is that a common effect of jet lag? I also noticed I was getting angry very easily, which happens when I'm tired. Maybe I didn't get enough sleep last night -- that wouldn't exactly be a big surprise.

Today was back to normal yet not. I went grocery shopping, which has become increasingly common on Mondays, except it's not Monday and I only got enough for two dinners, since we're on a plane again on Friday. I unpacked and did laundry; again routine yet not. I tried to get stuff ready to send but never quite got past the first item. Mom e-mailed today; she was allergy tested and is allergic to wheat and yeast. At least I know where it comes from now. It's only quarter til eleven and I'm very tired; I guess my body adjusted to the time difference better than I thought.
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