Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The past few days have been a bit of a blur. On Friday we went back into Nottingham Centre; Andy to hit shops and me to go through The Robin Hood Experience. The experience includes a ride which appears to have been designed by someone who desperately wanted to work for Disney but didn't make it through the rigorous application process. It was fun in a very cheesy but fond sort of way, especially in parts where Robin is urging you to flee but the ride is trundling along at about half the pace of a decent walk.

Speaking of being urged to "fly", at one point Robin was very desperately encouraging us to do so, and the ride came to a stop. About two minutes later a flashlight, followed by a cowled worker, appeared and asked me to excuse them because there were technical difficulties. A few minutes after that the flashlight appeared again, along with a very apologetic employee noting that the ride wasn't going to be starting again any time soon. Kirsti says I was at the scariest part of the ride, and Andy says I got to be a damsel in distress, rescue and all. They refunded the ride charge and let me go through the exhibit afterward, which was really informative.

Andy and I met up and headed to campus to meet Kirsti at work. After a brief tour she closed up and we headed over to the origami pre-convention. I will let Andy write up the origami conference in detail when we get home. Tomorrow we go back to London to be tourists for the day, then on Tuesday it's back to the US. Kirsti did point out a relatively cheap internet cafe when she met us in London, so maybe we'll go just for novelty and, if so, I'll check in. Otherwise, I'll probably be back to regular journalizing Tuesday or Wednesday.
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