Cat (willowisp) wrote,

A sense of surreality sets in

We've been talking about going to England for about as long as we've known erish. We've been planning the actual trip for about half a year. Now it's the night before, and I'm just in a state of shock or something... it's finally here. We've managed to pack everything we need in a finite amount of suitcases, and we'll only have to check one thing. Tomorrow I need to wash a load of clothes and get it into the dryer before we leave, run a load of dishes, and get the kitties set up. It's going to take a little while for it to sink in how close this actually is.

Today proper, though, was busy. I got the spare bedroom cleaned of most of the clothes (albeit by cheating big time), the kitchen clean, and something which might be a table out from under all of our accumulated papers and such. I also did some last-minute re-arrangement of the contents of my backpack and spent some time kidnapping Andy. He got some thingy which will allow us both to hear the movies he's bringing along for his laptop, a container so he can bring a tessellation along, and cleaned and packed.

I don't know if I mentioned it before and he hasn't updates his journal recently, but it turns out he'll be doing some official talking at the origami conference we're attending. For those just joining us, his current hobby is folding these. They all start out as one piece of paper. There are only maybe a dozen people in the world who do this; the one who started it all lives in Maryland. He has some CDs to sell, but he couldn't be at the conference so he asked someone to do it for him. The person unfortunately has to have emergency surgery, so since the head of the British Origami Association knows Andy, he asked him to do the talk in the poor hospitalized guy's place.

In other news, Andy's former advisor and current boss scheduled Andy to do some demos for the prospective students on the day we're theoretically taking off for England. This might be interesting, though it isn't as bad as it could be since our first hop is domestic.

I took my walk this evening because it's already getting hot out. I saw a black cat and one of the black and white cats from the other night, as well as Cornelius, who actually came over for a scritch on round three. Then on round five she ambushed me and got more scritches, and on round six she was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, waiting for me. I also saw my first bunny of the year. For those who began reading this after wabbit season ended, there were at least two wild bunnies hanging around our apartment complex. There may have been more, but I only saw two together, so I know there were at least two. I call them the silly one and the skittish one. The skittish one bolts as soon as it notices me. The silly one also keeps its distance, but often instead of running away it runs in the same direction I am. Anyway, I should probably start carrying the camera around with me. Maybe I'll get a shot of more than one bunny or one of Cornelius scaling her porch latticework.
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