Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Another errand day come and gone, and we managed to get them all in. Andy had to give demos afterward to prospective grad students, so I took the walk I usually skip on Fridays. I waited until the sun set, so it was fairly cool. I saw a lot of feline life out and about tonight. Black and white cats were especially prevalent (when is the Jellicle Ball and why wasn't I invited?) or, in fact, the only type I saw.

I think I've found all of my clothes, and it appears that I did accidentally toss the wrong bag this fall. Oh well, it's not like I don't have other clothes I can take with me. In fact, I did most of my clothes packing tonight. I need to do a load or two more of laundry before I'm really finished, but it looks like I'll only need the one suitcase to carry my clothes. We're planning on doing laundry at wherever Kirsti does hers. My current hope is that we'll only have to check one bag, the one with all of the loot.

Tomorrow will be filled with laundry and cleaning. I have a minor crisis on my hands in that all of the clothes I want to get rid of are currently sitting in entryway to the kitties' room. Maybe I'll actually up and donate/throw away most or all of them tomorrow just to make sure I don't relent and end up keeping most or all of them.
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