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I've received five replies to the How well do you know me? quiz. Since that makes doing percentages easy, even for me, I decided to answer. People who are interested in seeing how well they do can still reply to the original; I'll probably add it to my "memories" section. So, without further ado:

1) What significance does callicrates hold for me?

Everyone who replied got this one -- he's my husband, Andy.

2) How did Andy and I meet?

Luckily no one picked (a), which was a computer dating service. Two picked (d), Usenet. While Andy and I both haunted Usenet before we got into MUSHing, it wasn't until we created Janelle and Darian on PernMUSH (NC) that we met. We were both searched for Ista's clutch, and D'rian impressed blue Zaveth while Janelle impressed blue Lunarth. We started "dating" a year and a month after the impression, and met in RL eleven months after we started dating. My favorite piece of trivia is that I met Andy's parents and uncle two months before I met him, but they didn't know we were dating at the time.

3) How do I describe my first meeting with Thena?

I was at a mall and saw a woman outside the puppy-mill shop with kittens she was giving away. She was all confused because the puppy-mill shop wouldn't accept them even though they had their shots and had been wormed, and were of course old enough to be separated from their mother (two of those three factoids were proven untrue; the last is assumed to have been false as well). As I was looking one of them got up, pranced over, climbed onto my sweater, and clung. When the mall rent-a-cop came over to evict the lady I kept the kitten. As far as I'm concerned, this is about as close to a firelizard impression as they come.

60% of the respondents got this one; there was one abstention.

What adjectives best describe Gail?

Sniff. My poor, affectionate, clumsy, cute, and intelligent misunderstood sweetie. One person picked that group of adjectives for her. In a quick rundown of the other options:

Aloof, demanding, gorgeous, regal: No cat that I know in person, though she may bear a resemblance to kikiki. Gail is anything but aloof. I suppose her constant need for affection might qualify her as demanding. She can also be called gorgeous, but her cuteness trumps that. Gail is the antithesis of regal -- she's a clown and a klutz and proud of it.

Dumb, huge, pleasant, tricky: My mom's male cat, Bandit. He's not the brightest cat out there, but he's generally easygoing. He also had my mom and sister feeling very sorry for him because Noia was always hissing at him. Then one day when he thought I wasn't looking he came up to a poor napping Noia and swatted her across the nose, then smirked when Mom and Pamela yelled at her. They didn't believe me at first but eventually caught him in the act. Anyway, Gail is not dumb. She is, in fact, frighteningly intelligent. What is so disarming about her though is that she is so affectionate and clumsy and sweet that it's easy to forget how smart the little critter is. She's a bit too hyper to be pleasant (I probably should have used the adjective "easygoing"), and she's also a relatively tiny cat. She also has a knack for making herself look small -- it's all part of the cute thing.

Gorgeous, vicious, unpredictable, and did I mention vicious?: This is based on my mom's cat, Noia, who has gotten a lot of journal time since she beats me up almost every time I visit Mom. She and Gail are both medium-haired blue torties, so they look a lot alike. Gail doesn't have a vicious bone in her body, though... unless you're a piece of paper or one of her feather toys.

5) What do I consider to be the ideal breed of dog for me?

The one person who got Australian shepherds was guessing. Two people thought it was Alaskan malamutes, so it may have been confusing the "a"-words. The other two guessed Siberian huskies. To be honest I do adore malamutes and huskies, but given that they'd invite a burglar into the house and show him where the jewelry and silver were, I probably will continue just cooing over those I meet. Aussies, on the other hand, are very smart, very protective, and very work-oriented. I mentioned in my "hundred things about me" post that my master plan is to get two Aussies, preferably siblings, and train them to be therapy dogs, then volunteer at hospitals and nursing homes and such.

6) Who is my favorite author?

Thank goodness nobody guessed Danielle Steel. I only added her because I thought Anne McCaffrey might be a bit unfair, given the whole Pern MUDding thing, and I can't reliably spell Madeleine L'Engle. 80% of those who replied guessed or knew that my favorite is C.S. Lewis. I could have just as easily asked which Lewis book/series is my favorite, except that would have been unfair: I actually rotate which is my favorite between the four which I like best (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, and The Space trilogy). I think I was runner-up the Lewis write-alike Screwtape essay before I began my LJ. Oh, and anyone who guessed Rowling or Tolkien shouldn't feel too bad: they are among my favorites.

7) What type of fantasy RPG character classes do I usually play?

This is answered indirectly in my personality quiz memory entry. Any time "druid" is an option, that's what I end up being. When druid isn't and ranger is, I end up being a ranger. I have played a bard and a rogue (a) once apiece. I've never played a barbarian, but I have played a fighter (b) once, though the fighter was technically a warrior-mage. The only time I've ever played a mage (d) was when I played the warrior-mage. The rest have all been druids or rangers, save for my current character, who doesn't fit into any of the above categories since her character class was made up.

60% got this one correct, one abstained.

A bit of trivia: I have in the past been a practising druid, and I still believe in a lot of the tenets of druidism.

8) What do I collect?

This was basically a giveaway, and everyone who responded got it correct: I collect paperweights. When jokingly going through the quiz, Andy stated that it's actually collecting autographs of once-popular has-been actors.

9) What's my current hobby?

I've been quiet about it recently, but as 80% answered, it's jewelry-making. I do have some stuff which I hope to sell eventually, but I'm still trying to figure out how, and I'd rather wait until after we've moved and arranged for whatever ISP we'll be using then. My current job-hunt is focused on the floral section of various stores, so the person guessing flower-arranging was actually close.

10) Where would I want to spend infinite amounts of time?

This wasn't exactly a giveaway, but everyone got "In a forest clearing near a waterfall on a starlit night". No one (except Andy) picked the obvious anti-me answer (At a bar in a large city with dance music blaring). The beach might have been an option, especially since it was moonlit rather than sunny. The park is also definitely not me; the giveaways were "neatly-trimmed" trees and "sunlight". I like my trees wild (see the bit about the druid) and in forests, and I adore both stars and waterfalls.

Thank you to those who replied, and if anyone wants to post-post to say how well they did or dispute any of the results, feel free!
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