Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Friday was errand day, so we ran errands. We had leftover cheese soup for dinner, then Andy played some Final Fantasy and we had a discussion about other fantasies. We ended up staying up rather later than we'd planned, but it was worth it.

We managed to get started to Denny and celebril's at about 13:30 and got there at about 16:45. There were already some people there, and we learned that they'd brought their children, who ranged in age between six months and three years. Regina was supposed to be in the game but opted to play instead, and two nieces (aged 13 and 14, I believe) brought by another player weren't there to game but helped out a lot, especially with the infants.

The GM, Tom, was really cool. I was pretty much expecting not to be able to play a character whom I've been developing for a while, if for no other reason than that she's a unique character class and worships a Goddess whom I invented to be the point of the character class. However, Andy and I started the game as statues in a garden who'd been frozen for a thousand years, so Tom was ok with me playing a character who worshiped a Goddess no one has ever heard of. He was also ok with the unique abilities I gave her.

It took the party a while to find us. This was due to two reasons: some of the players were acting more as solo agents than as members of a party, and one pair in particular were very busy with other things. The female's first words were that she was going to get drunk because she can't deal with crowds (then why did you join an RPG with a whole bunch of people?), and much of her night was spent going on about the tongue piercing she'd had that day. Between those factors and occasionally noticing what their not-too-well-controlled one year-old was doing, it was hard to get them to say what they were doing. The guy at least tried.

Despite those things the game was fun. Once Andy and I were discovered (and after the paladin took a chunk out of him while he was still in statue form (shades of "It's a gazebo, Eric")) and some stone-to-flesh scrolls were also discovered, we finally got into the game. My character (Sheylene) was revived first, and I actually went around and introduced myself to the other players. Much fun was had when my character had a tingling effect upon all of them, and those who didn't waive their save versus spells all failed them. I really liked Tom's wife (whose name is completely eluding me) and her RP. Heather is, of course, a familiar RP presence to me, and Donna was surprisingly good for playing her first character.

After we got animated and introduced, not much happened. The paladin and Andy (Amarant) went exploring a bit while an NPC stood guard. The rest of us slept or meditated. Then all hell broke loose, but I'm ducking back out of the cut text since it wasn't game-related. Before I do, I have to sigh because we'll be in London for the next game (it runs bi-weekly). At least the weekend in April which it theoretically falls on is free. Despite all of my whining, the campaign overall is interesting, and I don't want to miss out on any of the time we have left before we move.

Donna, in RL, had a muscle spasm which led into at least three pass-outs. She refused to go to the hospital since she wouldn't be able to pay the bill (rant about health care postponed til a later date), but no one felt like playing even after she stabilized. Denny and Heather wouldn't let her go home, so her daughter camped out in Regina's room with Regina, her nieces camped out in Heather and Denny's room, and Heather and Denny pulled out an inflatable mattress and camped out in the living room. It turns out that the only people who slept where they'd planned to were Andy and me, on the futon in the living room. Luckily I didn't step on anyone in any night wanderings.

Today we chatted for a while, then introduced Donna to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Unfortunately she fell asleep through part of it, but otherwise was much better after a night's sleep. When I called Heather to let her know we'd gotten home safely she noted that Donna was home and doing well. Our drive home was uneventful for the most part, and we had an excellent dinner at Big Bowl, an Asian chain restaurant. Even though it's not technically an option, they let me pick my own veggies and they stir-fried them with chicken teriyaki-style. I hope they keep allowing the exception, since it was very good.

Tomorrow goes back to normal, unless you count running around crazy trying to get stuff together for the London trip in eight days. We need to find a B&B or a hotel to stay at on our last night, find all of the goodies (like electrical outlet adapters) we stashed after our trip to Milano, figure out how many suitcases we'll need and what we need to check, and I need to get together all of our goodies for erish. We've been meaning to ship some of the stuff for over a year, but it'll be much more fun to give them to her in person.
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