Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Most of yesterday was pretty normal. The walk was a shade too warm and with no shade to speak of, and Andy went into work. Mom finally mailed me the meds I'd left at her place and I got them yesterday, and that was quite possibly the defining event of the day. Well, until the evening. That's when I started noticing my tummy ache. It wasn't really painful or alarming, just a twinge I kept noticing which got a bit steadier. It wasn't like any cramps I've ever had, nor was it like the feelings I get when I eat something I'm allergic to.

It was still with me this morning, and although there was one point in the day when it was steady, the pain never increased. It went away sometime after dinner, as far as I can tell. The only thing I could even compare it to is the pain which occurs when you're really hungry, only I wasn't, or I shouldn't have been. Unfortunately for me, all of the occasions which are supposed to preclude hunger simply don't. Anyway, I hope that's the end of it.

I did take my walk today, and the heat was offset by a nice breeze. Our tub is all nice and shiny thanks to callicrates. Our drain clogs regularly, and today he took it apart and found (gasp) a wad of hair. I never would have guessed. No, really.

I kept wondering why Heather wasn't answering various e-mails I sent her, and today I discovered the cause -- her domain is bouncing things sent to her with the error "Relaying not permitted". I'm guessing someone tried to patch a relay problem and got a little too enthusiastic. I just wish the mail, sent on Monday, had bounced before today, or at least notified me it hadn't been delivered after N hours/days etc. Anyway, I called her to find out if she could help me convince Andy to drive up on Friday and got a pleasant surprise; Denny will be coming home tomorrow, so we'll get to see him over the weekend. It also solved the problem of when to drive up; Denny said he'd be too tired for company on Friday, so we'll do our usual Saturday drive.

I still haven't heard from the GM. I hope it's just that he's busy and not that he doesn't want to temp players and just hasn't gotten around to saying so. I told Heather to let him know that Andy and I would not be mortally wounded (or inflict mortal wounds) if he didn't want us to play due to our three-hour-drive conflict. I just hope that if he doesn't mind us playing that he lets us know before game-time on Saturday so we have time to generate characters. I have a few lying around from when we got the Player's Handbook, but Andy so far has a few concepts but nothing rolled up.
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