Cat (willowisp) wrote,

After driving Andy to school today I went for my usual walk. It was a bit chillier than yesterday, which for me means perfect walking weather. The sun was playing hide and seek all day, though it stayed out for most of the six rounds. When I finished I came in and filled out the rest of the application I'd been working on, then showered and dressed.

The plan had been for me to grocery shop and drop off the application, then pick Andy up, but campus lost power just when I was getting ready to leave, so we decided instead that I'd pick him up and he'd go shopping with me; something we've not done in a while. When we got there we checked milk prices, and since it wasn't on sale, we decided to send him to Whole Foods to get that and some stuff for himself while I did the main shopping at Harris Teeter.

I dropped off my application at customer service and headed for the veggies. Since I had to go through floral anyway I checked to see if anyone was there. The woman to whom I'd been told to direct my application was there, so I went over and introduced myself. She was very aggrieved that she hadn't gotten the application yet until I explained that I'd just turned it in, and she also asked where the heck I've been for the past few years. She's had trouble finding people who want to work in floral. Given how Andy's and my job hunts have gone so far I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but at least I know there's an opening and it's not subject to high rates of competition.

The rest of the shopping trip was uneventful, and Andy got back after I was done so we loaded the car and left. When we got home I began making chicken Parmesan (yes, again. Both of us have been craving it recently. And cheese soup. That'll be dinner for Thursday and Friday) while Andy played FF IX. Thena was very disgruntled when I had to get up to work on the late stages of dinner, but I believe all is forgiven after another stint of lap-sitting.

I've spent most of the evening catching up on laundry and doing random cleaning. Andy surprised me by re-arranging our room somewhat, making it less cluttered by being tricksy. He also re-acquainted Gail with her feather toys and the "run around in circles til I topple" game. I idly looked up homes and apartments in the Seattle area just in case something opens up there. Seattle is so close a second choice for me that if we got offered something in the Raleigh-Durham area and there, I'd be hard-pressed to decide.

The hardest thing right now is the uncertainty: we have reason to believe Albuquerque might be an option, and less so that Livermore (CA) might be, especially less so since Congress is more concerned with changing the name of food items than in getting actual work done (oops, did I say that?). Portland (OR), Raleigh-Durham, Seattle, and various cities in the Bay Area have all come up at some point or other. I hope we find out one way or the other soon.

Our apartment complex has three different types of trees; one which flowers before it gets leaves, dogwoods, and pines. The two which flower first look like they'll have done so by the end of the week. Spring is going to be bittersweet this year; there used to be at least four of the early-flowering trees. It looks bare now that they've finally hauled off the last of the trees we lost in the ice storm.

There's still time to take the quiz I put up last week. I know some people think they're a desperate cry for attention and all that, but I'm still interested in seeing how much I've managed to convey in my journal so far. Plus I'll make people who don't answer listen to Christine Lavin's "Mysterious Woman" a couple dozen times if I don't see some comments ;).
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