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When people ask what my favorite season is, I usually say it is a tie between fall, spring, and winter. Today was one of the days which puts spring on that list. It was perfect walking weather, the faint chill offset by the sunlight, and never getting uncomfortably hot. Rumor has it we're supposed to get more sleet or freezing rain sometime this week, but until then I'll be enjoying the weather. I walked while Andy got a much-needed massage, and worked briefly on making a generic D&D character no longer so generic. We haven't heard from the GM yet, but Andy and I both have some ideas for what all we might play. At this point I'm guessing they'll be more like recurring NPCs than regular characters since it is a 3-hour drive for us. We'll see, though. I hope he writes soon.

Yesterday Tanner recommended to the GNO list that we start trying to hold it on Mondays since Thursdays are now all but impossible for everyone except Andy and me. Ben and Conni bowed out, then Tanner did. Instead of going for pizza we decided instead to go out to Firebirds. Andy had ulterior motives as well -- he wanted to get a map of London. Also, I'd mentioned the idea of getting a pepper grinder for him, and he decided to follow up on it. For those just joining us, I'm hyper-sensitive to pepper so I never cook with it, and the stuff in our shaker has been there for about as long as we've been married. We may've refilled it once. Maybe. Anyway, with a pepper grinder he'll probably get more flavor, and I can buy small amounts from Whole Foods when it runs out, rather than keeping a box of ground pepper around for years.

I managed to get another application in today despite the best efforts of the potential employer's website. It ended up being a two browser and multiple-pass affair due to some broken javascript. I plan on applying to their competitor, which also no longer does paper applications. Unfortunately the competitor doesn't have their process online; the only way to apply is in an in-store kiosk. It takes 45-90 minutes by their reckoning, and they only have one kiosk. I'm hoping if I go during the week I may not run into someone already using it. Tomorrow when I do the much-belated weekly grocery shopping I'll also be putting in my last grocery store application for the area.

Gail likes sitting on the back of our living room chair. In the past week or so she's decided that anyone who sits in the chair proper is entitled to a free grooming. She's been grooming me on the face for a while now, but she has rarely used her teeth and never her claws. Unfortunately when faced with the back of a head she appears to be laboring under the assumption that I'm another cat, so she goes as it in full claw and tooth mode. Fortunately she gets tired of it quickly, probably because my hair is so long and the individual strands take forever.

Thena is still a lap kitty. Her favorite pastime is playing "Guess who's a space heater tonight?" which I watch anything from the Gail-guarded chair. Andy usually flops out on the couch with his laptop, so I inhabit the chair when I'm not at my computer. We don't tend to watch much tv, though we've started watching Trading Spaces and While You Were Out on a vaguely regular basis when we remember. More often than not I'm watching him play PS2 games; currently showing is Final Fantasy IX. I just hope things stay cool for a while longer; I like the quality time with Foo.
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