Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy and I got to celebril's safely and met her new best friend (I hope I'm not getting jealous). Unfortunately Donna's two and three year-olds were acting up, so we didn't get to talk much. The strain of dealing with two noisy children plus Regina and two infants was too much for Andy; it took him until this morning to be back to himself. Once they left, though, we had yummy buttermilk chicken and some quality time with Heather. They're going to put a cast on tomorrow since she re-sprained an ankle which had only just recovered from an earlier sprain. Denny is probably going to be away for a while still, but luckily she has people around to help her.

One thing we talked about is a game she's playing in -- 3rd edition AD&D, and the characters are at 2nd level. The GM is the kind of guy who figures "the more the merrier", so Heather is hoping he'll let Andy and me roll up characters we can play whenever we get there. The next game is this coming weekend, and we're probably going to go back and maybe get to play. I've missed gaming so much it hurts, so I'm pretty excited. I get to see Heather and Regina and Danielle again and maybe get to play in RL... now if we can just keep Heather from getting any new injuries between now and when we leave next week.

Danielle is such a sweetheart. She's about seven months old now; a few weeks older than my cousin's son Justin and a month older than my cousin CJ. Everyone always tells me how good CJ is, but I just seem to always be visiting when he has good reasons to cry (like, oh, bronchitis). Danielle didn't cry the whole time we were there. She fussed a bit and had a happy sound which could pierce ears, but most of the time she was just smiling and giggling or deep in contemplation. I wonder what babies contemplate; she looked so grave.

Anyway, the trip home was easy. It was a gorgeous day for driving, sunny and clear all the way, with a few poofy clouds. When we got home I took my walk, then we went to Tanner and Janell's for takeout Asian food. I need to remember next time to tell them to leave mushrooms out of the teriyaki chicken, but luckily they were big slices and therefore easy to avoid. It was otherwise very good, and we had fun talking to Janell and Tanner and watching Bram play it up for an audience. Now we're home and Andy's playing GTA while I listen to Enya (what a mix). We just had banana hot fudge sundaes, the kitties are being sweet, and life is good.
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