Cat (willowisp) wrote,

When I decided last night not to do the second load of clothes I was still thinking it was Wednesday. Of course it wasn't, so Friday errands sort of threw me off. Still, the last load of clothes is drying now, so it wasn't too bad. It was also cold enough to have a fire, though I saved some of the wood in case we get another chance. I tried to get applications for two more places today, but they have in-store kiosks, and Andy was sitting out in the car. I figure I'll check back next week.

We're going to celebril's tomorrow. Hopefully nothing's going to happen to her after we leave because life got in a pre-emptive strike by way of a badly-sprained ankle. One of her local friends is helping her out and has apparently heard all about us and wants to meet us, so she made sure Heather knew it'd be ok for us to visit. Now, of course, I get to wonder what all Donna has been told...
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