Cat (willowisp) wrote,

How Well Do You Know Me?

I've seen people do this before, but the site they use doesn't work in three of the four browsers I use. I decided to go for the low-tech method since it'll also encourage interaction, and I'm deliberately not using the LJ poll. Even if you do a joke run, please also answer seriously -- like all cats, I'm too curious for my own good. Please feel free to answer in comments or to e-mail your guesses. Eventually I'll post summaries... or something.

1) What significance does callicrates hold for me?

a) Cousin
b) Friend I met on LJ
c) Husband
d) Neighbor whose cat I often take care of

2) How did Andy and I meet?

a) Computer dating service
b) IRC
c) MUD
d) Usenet

3) How do I describe my first meeting with Thena?

a) Like finding a familiar
b) Like impressing a firelizard
c) Like love at first sight
d) Like winning the lottery

4) What adjectives best describe Gail?

a) Affectionate, clumsy, cute, intelligent
b) Aloof, demanding, gorgeous, regal
c) Dumb, huge, pleasant, tricky
d) Gorgeous, vicious, unpredictable, and did I mention vicious?

5) What do I consider to be the ideal breed of dog for me?

a) Alaskan malamutes
b) Australian shepherds
c) German shepherds
d) Siberian huskies

6) Who is my favorite author?

a) CS Lewis
b) Danielle Steel
c) JK Rowling
d) JRR Tolkien

7) What type of fantasy RPG character classes do I usually play?

a) Bards and rogues
b) Barbarians and fighters
c) Druids and rangers
d) Mages

8) What do I collect?

a) Autographs
b) Baseball cards
c) Paperweights
d) Stamps

9) What's my current hobby?

a) Arranging flowers
b) Jewelry-making
c) Photography
d) Tailoring Ren Faire/SCA garb

10) Where would I want to spend infinite amounts of time?

a) At a bar in a large city with dance music blaring
b) Walking on a beach in the moonlight with soft water sounds in the background
c) In a forest clearing near a waterfall on a starlit night
d) In a well-maintained park with neatly-trimmed trees on a sunny day
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