Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday and today were much the same -- get up, eat, drive Andy to school, walk, do random apartment stuff, pick Andy up from work, eat, and watch him play Final Fantasy. Well, I also grocery shopped today to pick up a few things.

The thing I've been going on recently about doing is finding a job. I'm not even trying for anything internet-related, let alone telecommuting. Well, except for one position, but I've pretty much determined it was a scam, so I'm not expecting to hear from them. Anyway, what's really scaring me is how hard it is for me to find work at the moment. I mean, I can understand Andy's field, or the computer field in general, but I'm going for the jobs which have always seemed to be always open -- grocery stores and such. One in which I had an informal interview noted that two positions are open, and the competition is fierce for them; there were some half dozen people there that day, as those were only the people I counted while I was there.

I've brought up going back to work for McDonald's again, but Andy wants to save that for a very last resort. I'm also thinking of applying for a full-time job at the place which sold us our living room set. It's a furniture rental place which also sells formerly-rented furniture, and it's salaried but they mention commissions. This means selling stuff, and I'm not so sure I'm good at that. Grandpa was a consummate salesperson, so maybe I could do it as well, but I always loathed suggestive selling at McDonald's. This is, of course, all dependent upon whether they even consider me. Anyway, I think I've decided I'll at least apply. If nothing comes of it then there's no problem, and if something does come of it then Andy's and my lives get interesting.

I really didn't want to say anything in my journal until I actually had a job, but currently I've heard nothing back, it's too soon to do follow-up inquiries, and since most of my days are going to scouring job sites (which is how I found out about the job mentioned above), I figure it belongs in my journal. Oh well, another grocery store and the furniture place are getting applications tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll get a nibble.
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