Cat (willowisp) wrote,

As I was trying to shake off my last dream of the morning, Andy reminded me that Tanner's birthday party was today. I'd completely spaced it, so it was a good thing he did. It also meant I had to figure out how to get weekend errands done, since I'd put off most of them until today. I managed to get a load of laundry washed and drying and another started before we left.

The party was fun; at some points there were too many strangers and not enough seats for all of the people, but it mostly consisted of people chatting and watching Andy fold his latest project. There were also people we've met with varying degrees of regularity, so it wasn't as if Andy, Bram, Janell, and Tanner were the only people we knew. We had great fun exchanging cat stories.

As it was winding down, one of the new people (at least to us) asked if anyone wanted to go to dinner at Kan Ki, a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. We had most of the table, though one couple with a decently-behaved little boy got stuck with us. I have no idea what they made of us since our conversation started out with crackpot Creationists (as opposed to the rational sort), waded into theology a few times, and also covered the various adventures in the computer world. I discovered a new sport: keeping the plate away from the chef trying to toss stuff I'm allergic to onto it. They also wrote down my order incorrectly (tempura instead of teriyaki), so with many apologies and offers of free appetizers the manager went back and cooked it specially. I declined the appetizers but instead told he it was Tanner's birthday, thus getting a cake and a photo of the lot of us for him and balloons for Bram. Apparently they usually charge for it, but it was on the house this time. Tanner still doesn't know who squealed.

When we got home I got the sheets out of the dryer, Gail heard and darted into the bedroom and hilarity ensued. I also got some more laundry done, the kitchen cleaned enough that Andy noticed, and a little table cleared off. I also came up with a potential solution to the sea of clutter in my work area. I don't know that we'll address it now since we'll probably not be here for the long-term, and even more furniture would just be something to have to bring along or figure out how to get rid of since without a miracle we'll be making a cross-country move or close thereto.

I half-watched The Matrix as I was cleaning. I'm not as fond of it as Andy is, but I think the premise is neat. I'll have to do our weekly grocery shopping tomorrow, but since we were supposed to have leftovers today, at least I won't have to cook much after the grocery run. Next weekend we'll hopefully be going to visit Heather. Denny is away again on assignment, so she'll probably be happy for some adults to talk with. I just hope no one gets sick this time.
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