Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Weekly Sheet-Changing at the Wilsons'

1) Remove sheets from the bed, put blankets and bedspread back on the bed so Gail doesn't use them to bury Thena's food.

2) Wash and dry them.

3) Remove the blanket and bedspread. Remove Gail who, no matter where she was ten seconds ago, has now jumped onto the bed.

4) Start putting on the fitted sheet. Make sure Gail stays one corner ahead as she uses the bed for base-running practice.

5) Remove Gail from the bed and watch as she jumps back on while you're getting the flat sheet untangled.

6) Flatten out the top sheet, removing Gail from the bed at least three more times.

7) Put the blanket on the bed and begin smoothing it out. Ignore the claws which embed themselves into your sock as you pass the one corner of the bed.

8) Dragging Gail around by means of her claws still stuck in your sock, begin putting the spread back on. Cover her with the spread once she grows bored of your sock and hops back onto the bed.

9) Put cases on the pillows and place them at the head of the bed. Watch as Gail, now bored, goes back to what she was doing before you started.
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