Cat (willowisp) wrote,

A Day

Andy awoke to the last of his homecoming celebration today -- cinnamon rolls. Since I've been forgetting to get them for months, it was a nice surprise. I need to start working on my Cinnabon bread machine clones using alternate flours. I have a feeling this is one experiment Andy won't mind helping to perfect.

Yesterday I was playing around the Live Journal site and finally got around to looking at the LJ-specific tags. Today I went through and added LJ user links to prior entries. Now I need to figure out how long an entry should be before I invoke the cut tag. Never a dull moment. Or something.

I'm kitty-sitting Jewel again this weekend. It was a fairly odd day with her today -- she seemed uninterested in playing. Then I heard a buzzing above my head and saw a wasp in the skylight. I decided that I didn't want Jewel to be stung on my watch, so I ran home and got some Raid. I opened windows to ventilate and managed to get it when it flew low. Unfortunately the open window let in the fumes from the painting being done on our building today.

Once the wasp was flushed down the toilet, Jewel was all about playing. Then I heard this strange squeaking noise, and realized it was her. She has a (permanent?) respiratory infection, one which has been going on for months, but I'd never heard this type of breathing from her. I went home and got Andy, who said it sounded like a mix between a wheeze and a stuffy nose. Since it got worse every time she began running around, I put away the feather toy and called Jewel's mom. She never got back to me, and I checked on Jewel about an hour later and her breathing was back to normal, even after playing. I'll laugh if I find out the cell phone was at home and I just didn't hear it ring before I left the message.

I took my walk an hour and a half early today so I'd be around for lydiere's hatching. I saw a bunch of fireflies -- perhaps the reason I saw so few before was not that it was late in firefly season, but because it was past little fireflies' bedtimes. It explains why the daily one I saw happened at the beginning of my walk. I also saw a bunny (it seemed smaller than the one I saw the other night, though it may be because tonight it was all hunched up and the other day it was running) and a kitty on a harness being taken for a walk. The cat dashed under the bushes as I approached. I'm not sure if it was due to fear or to chagrin at being seen in such an undignified manner.

The hatching went off without a glitch (at least none which I saw while spectating), and I believe I got all of the administrivia taken care of. Now I just need to edit the log, which will happen either tomorrow or Monday, depending on how much Andy is working tomorrow. If he's fairly involved in his dissertation, editing the log will keep me occupied.

My second batch of auctions as ferretshock (the eBay username I made for buying and selling things which send me into ferret shock) ends tomorrow/later today. Last time I sold an opal necklace and earring set I mounted myself, getting a bid in the last few seconds. This time it's a beaded necklace and bracelet set and two paperweights which came with the paperweight I gave to Andy as a welcome home gift. No bids yet on any of them; I hope I get some, even if in the last minute(s) like last time.

I'm getting very close to having everything I need to work on my original idea, scaled down a bit: mix and match earrings and jackets in vague themes. Hopefully if all goes well I'll have the components together for some very economical sets (Swarovsky Crystal studs and plastic jackets) in early August. I still want to do some nicer sets with carved stone jackets and real gems in white or yellow gold, but that'll have to wait until I start selling enough to make a profit -- for now I'm aiming for breaking even.
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