Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday for some reason my good sneakers didn't fit quite correctly, but I did my hour on the treadmill anyway. Later that evening I discovered a blister on my little toe. My old sneakers and my current shoes have black soles, which aren't allowed in the exercise room, so today I walked. Almost. On round four it started raining, so I went in early. It's still raining out; between that and all the ice and snow, maybe we'll be out of our drought conditions by the time winter is over. Just in time for Andy and me to leave the area -- oh well.

Aside from that I did half of the grocery shopping for this weekend, watched Harry Potter, cooked dinner, and did random housework stuff. The Foo and the Widget were both lap kitties today, though not at the same time. I also got pictures of what Gail did to a roll of wrapping paper which Andy left out. I don't know when I'll next upload them, but I'll post when I do.
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