Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Since my Friday errands for this week were cancelled, we decided to have lunch at home. Then Andy went to his (rescheduled, but not a problem), I went over and treaded a mill, and he brought home Chinese to replace the dinner we'd eaten for lunch.

The rest of the day was quiet. Kitties were foozled, work on my current project was completed, video games were played, and a crossword puzzle was done. This weekend Andy and I are staying home, with nothing more distant than heading to the grocery store.

I forgot to mention the other night that we finally went and did it. The flights to London for late March-April 1st are bought, thanks to our tax return. We'll finally get to see Kirsti on her home turf, and Nottingham and Sherwood Forest and maybe CS Lewis' haunts and and and. But for the next two days we're going to be homebodies.
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