Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday was very pretty weather-wise, so I took a walk. After that Andy and I had a discussion and I followed up on it, but more about that on another day, perhaps. A person from the blood bank we donated to in December called to let us know about a drive on Thursday, but since the answering machine took the message I couldn't intercept the caller. Dinner was leftovers, I did one of Grandpa's crossword puzzles and wrote some e-mail.

Today was not pretty weather-wise, so I used the treadmill. I talked both to Brook (one of the managers) and Victor (our wonderful maintenance guy). The former told me about the intimate moments she had with Andy while both were weathering the tornado while I was still in Rome. The latter promised me a favor and may have gotten a virus/worm on his computer. Victor is one of the few people who can ask Andy for computer advice simply because he is so capable at what he does and has helped us above and beyond the call of duty.

After I got home Andy and I started doing some togetherness stuff, albeit over the MUSH since he was at work. The blood bank person called back to let me know that the drive tomorrow is canceled due to expected weather. Within two weeks of my last donation my apartment complex ran a blood drive with the same people (UNC hospitals); the woman and I determined that it will be hosting another blood drive in April, and she suggested I just donate then since it looks like our complex is going to make this a regular event. I also got Andy's and my blood types finally; neither of us is a universal donor, alas.

While the gray cold half-hearted drizzle made for lousy walking weather, it was a very good day for soup, which was good since I had planned on making cheese soup. After dinner Andy folded some origami and I poked around at some home-building sites scoping out places in New Mexico, since that is one of the places whereat people are talking to Andy in a vaguely positive fashion, job-wise. The bad news is that I'll be hard-pressed to find forest or even grass there. The good news is that by all reports the sky view is really awesome, and of all the things I miss right now, a night sky thick with stars is one of them.

The other really good thing is rent and housing prices. Unfortunately my apartment complex has no deals with anyone there for their rent-to-own program, but two of the companies with whom they have deals elsewhere build there, and one of them comes highly recommended by Ben and Conni and Janell and Tanner. Don't worry about getting our forwarding address yet, though -- this place may well have the same problem as the one Andy's been talking to in California. Basically, it'll literally take an act of Congress for them to be able even to interview him.

There was something else I wanted to mention, but I've already forgotten. I hate it when that happens.
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