Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Getting to Syracuse was interesting. We slid through a stop sign, then again onto a median. Mom was not driving recklessly. We visited Pamela for a bit, but Mom decided to go early due to the weather, and I got to the airport with well over an hour to spare. It's a good thing I did; for perhaps the first time ever there was a line in security. Since the Syracuse airport was built small and has never needed expanding, the line actually went almost to the end of the terminal, but it moved as quickly as at larger airports. I used flowers from the same bunch as I used on Tuesday. Almost everyone at the airport knows me by now since the staff is fairly small there.

The plane took a while as it was being de-iced, and we lost some sort of clearance so had to wait for another window. By the time we got to Philadelphia, most of the flight to Raleigh-Durham had been boarded. Luckily I was able to place my overhead carry-on, even in the same row as I was in. Since I wasn't the last one on, I consider it a non-event. For all intents and purposes my flights home were routine, which is just the way I like them.

The hooligans at the funeral home incident was clarified when Mom called the funeral director to apologize. It turns out that the problem wasn't running around (as children are wont to do), but instead going places where they weren't supposed to be. Meredith, Sandy, and Steve went into the director's private office, and he walked in on Steve trying to pick the lock on his drawer. They also took an obituary he'd had laminated and some things like pens. He made it clear to Mom that neither Andy nor Dave nor Pamela nor Kimmy nor I were implicated.

Mary gave me the dictionary Grandpa used for crosswords and several crossword books which Grandpa had been working on. I'm trying to decide whether I should leave them as-is, or if I should finish the puzzles he started or if I should do those which he hadn't yet touched. Mom is going to ask Gerry to laminate some obituaries for us, and maybe not even use the newspaper clipping but type it out anew. I suggested if they do so that they should add a bit about how much Grandpa loved gardening, since Mom forgot to mention it in the paid announcement. I ended up breaking the news to Uncle Rich, since Gerry and Mom were at Mary's and Julie apparently wasn't home, since Uncle Rich tried calling them first.

CJ is doing much better. Mom said his cough is breaking up, and his breathing is much easier. Now for the fun part: as of a few days ago, Gerry and Julie sequestered their dogs to the main area of the house and no longer allow them on the second floor. The night they did that, CJ started getting better. It may be that he's allergic to the pooches, or it may just be a coincidence. I'm glad at least that the poor little guy is doing better. They won't be able to allergy test him until September, though.
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