Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We spent most of today waiting for Uncle Rich to call. At 22:45 (he's in the same time zone as us) we finally gave up. In other news, Andy, Pamela, Dave, Kim, Meredith, Sandy, Justin, CJ, and I were apparently tearing about the funeral home, snooping where we weren't supposed to be and making a ruckus. It certainly could not possibly have been Mary's 6-12 year old great-grandchildren playing hide-and-seek while being bored out of their minds at a two-hour wake, ergo it was a bunch of 20-32 year-olds and two very ahead-of-schedule five and six month-olds. I didn't know we had it in us.

I get to go home tomorrow! I haven't yet decided if I'll visit Mary with Gerry and Mom, but we will be visiting Pamela since it's a Sunday. All yesterday I thought it was Saturday and all today I thought it was Sunday -- possibly because Sunday is usually the day before I go home. Anyway, aside from getting rather more phone calls than usual, the day was mercifully quiet. Oh, and CJ is feeling better, though this may mean he's allergic to their Aussies (sniffle). Last night they made the second floor a no-dog level, and he's much better today according to them.
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