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I am having serious trouble keeping track of what day it is. This has been a month-long string of four days, and I although I know it's Thursday (at least in my time zone), it feels like it's Sunday for some reason. I feel as if I should be going home tomorrow rather than being here for two more days. Part of the time disconnect might be from the fact that in the past few months I've gotten used to arriving on Fridays rather than Tuesdays.

I didn't post (or read, really) yesterday because every time I tried I got an error message that the page wasn't responding or didn't exist. I've been getting it intermittently today as well. I'm guessing that it's a mixture of site problems and issues with the fact that I'm on a dial-up connection instead of our ISDL.

Yesterday was surreal. The calling hours were in two doses of two hours each, except that we were able to go early since we're family. At the best of times I find wakes to be ghoulish, and this time was no exception. Everyone went on about how good Grandpa looked; I thought he looked like something from a wax museum. I did, though, manage to cry. It's an odd problem I have; under most circumstances I simply can't cry. This time it was very brief and there were no witnesses since I was taking advantage of a rare moment when no one was there.

A lot of people from Mary's family were there, so I mostly could place faces, if not names. A fair number of people I've only met once or twice or whom I've not seen recently showed up as well. Father Wally and two aunts and an uncle who we thought were snowed in came; Father had to get special permission from his doctor. Aunt Eileen, Chuck, Kim and Justin, Meredith, and Sandy and Steve showed up at just after 16:00, when the first viewing was technically over. They were all in traveling clothes and almost didn't come in; Steve didn't until the second viewing, after he changed into something more formal. The second viewing was long. I swear the clock just stopped for a several very long intervals; Gerry agreed.

The funeral was today. It was like a mercifully truncated Catholic mass, in that a priest officiated and did some reading and recited a psalm. Afterward there was a reception and then we went to Gerry's. John and Lorraine, who share the same last name as the funeral director, arrived today for the funeral, and once Andy left with Dave I sat and chatted with them and with relatives who kept arriving. While Andy was there we holed up in a quiet room and just spent time with each other, mostly silent. Having him here has been one of the few things which made this bearable.

Andy goes home on a red-eye flight tomorrow morning, which is why he went back to Syracuse with Dave. At the moment the Schroedinger's plan (I won't really know until they get home and open the box) is for Pamela to spend the night and skip work along with Mom. Aunt Eileen and co will theoretically stay until noon at least, thus justifying the time off on my mother and sister's parts. Meredith, the driver, is fine with this, but Sandy and Steve had wanted to leave closer to 9am. Given how adamant they are about going home early, I'm not making any guesses as to whether the plans will even remotely resemble what they are when I left.

I'm currently at Mom's house while the others soak in Gerry's hot tub. I didn't bring a bathing suit, so I just decided to skip it and spend some really quiet time all alone. Noia hasn't beaten me up today, though she did yesterday before we left for Boonville. Yesterday I called USAir and set up a flight home for Sunday evening. Mom and I agreed that since she couldn't take any more time off, I'd essentially be spending Monday alone, then we'd have to rush somewhat to get to the airport, and therefore it made more sense to just go home Sunday. I hope I'll be able to post to LJ between now and then.
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