Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Thena and Gail

For a very long time I've been meaning to do a journal entry about how much I love Andy's and my kitties. Given the past 36 hours, I can't imagine a better time than now. Most people who read this regularly are cat people, so I figure I can pretty much skip the whole bit about how not all cats (or, I suspect, even the majority) are aloof and couldn't care less about their owners. I know a heck of a lot of exceptions. Even Noia, in her own unique way, cares about Mom. Any time she catches her packing a suitcase, Noia beats Mom up.

Thena is the older of the two; I adopted her in the summer of my last year at college, 1992. She is very affectionate, a definite lap kitty. She loves when Andy plays the epic fantasy games on his PS2, because she knows it means I'll be sitting to watch and therefore will have a lap available. In the past day and a half she's been even more cuddly than usual, and also quite a bit sillier, very often lying on her back with her paws in the air. She's usually the regal one, or likes us to think she is, but she's largely abandoned that pretense, at least for now. Actually, she's been more affectionate and silly since I started visiting Grandpa regularly -- she would routinely help me pack by sitting in or on the suitcase. I've been foozling her a lot recently, and she is quite happy with that situation, judging by her thunderpurr.

Gail, our silly, sweet, affectionate little clutz, came to live with us on March 13th, 2001. She was a pound widget, and for the first few months I was somewhat uncertain about her. I came very close to taking her back once or twice, but now I wouldn't dream of giving her up. She's not a lap kitty due to her lack of an attention span, but she will curl up next to us. Except for last night, when both she and Thena were on my lap. She actually stayed longer than Thena did, and murred every time I petted her. She also hasn't minded the extra foozling, though she's more apt to squirm. Sometime in the past few months she's taken to eating a few pieces of food, then begging for scritches, and repeating until she's full or the dish is empty.

I don't know how Andy and I got so lucky with our two, even with Gail's somewhat rocky start. I am grateful on a daily basis, though, that they're around. Even on the worst days they can make us laugh, and having little critters who go into fits of ecstasy just from being near us makes bad days bearable and good days absolutely wonderful. For more pictures of the two, check out the kitty section of our photo gallery. Whenever I mention the "Foo cam" in my journal, this is what I'm referring to. Andy got it to keep me from worrying constantly about Thena while we were away. I have to go now -- Thena just came over and asked to be cuddled. I have to make up for the time I'll be away for the funeral.
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