Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Yesterday and today were both quiet. I'm trying to establish a habit of doing my exercise directly after I get back from driving Andy to work. I don't do it at the same time every day, but at least it's a pattern. On weekends when he doesn't work I'll just pick a time. Anyway, the past few days have been pretty enough that I've taken walks. Yesterday I saw a bunch of trees which were killed in the ice storm finally removed, and today I ran into absolutely nothing worth mentioning.

GNO didn't happen, though I'm not surprised: it seems that there are only one or two Thursdays in any given month that people can make it. Andy and I had pizza for dinner anyway, and then I watched him play FF IX. Then he put together a Lego model I gave him two or three years ago. Gail was very cute -- she sat there watching intently, and often helped him get pieces out, though always on her side of the box. We figured out that she's never seen Andy put together Legos, which is just scary. On March 13th it will be the second anniversary of her adoption.
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