Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Temper Tantrum Over

Yesterday started earlier than normal for me, after once again sleeping fitfully, if at all. While I was tossing and turning I decided I wanted to take Mom up on her offer of taking me to visit Grandpa one last time before going to the airport. I'd initially thought it too risky, but I decided that if the weather was clear I'd go, and it was. I met one of Grandpa's caretakers, Mindy, who was very nice, and we heckled as they watched Price is Right. Neither Mom nor I are really familiar with the show, so they had to explain a lot of it to us, but we did agree that the prices seemed awfully high. As we left I made Grandpa cry when I reiterated what he'd asked me about, and I'd told him, a few months ago... namely that he had been a Dad to me. With that last trip I told him everything I needed to.

Unlike the trip out, the trip home was nice and serene. One of the attendants in the second flight remembered me from when I took the same flight last month -- he's Charlotte based, and our second flight went from PHL to RDU to CLT, so it makes sense. Security people can no longer accept flowers, according to the first one I tried to en-flower on Friday. Gate attendants and flight crews are still happy about it, though.

Andy met me at the airport with a bunch of daisies. He'd also gotten some irises to add to the bouquet he got me on my birthday. It's all pretty and even more colorful now, and I adore irises more every time I see them. We had a wonderful dinner at Firebirds, though I was already feeling tired from lack of sleep and from the general exhaustion which happens even on calm flight days. Which means, when all is said and done, that I was a bit cranky by the time I heard about the kitties, and was in no shape to talk about anything else.

Today I got an e-mail from the caretaker, who apologized and said he'd understand if we never entrusted Thena and Gail to him again. I probably will (I'll just leave them food enough), especially since we take care of his two kitties when he and his wife go away. I need to figure out how to reply to him -- it was obvious in his e-mail that he felt pretty badly about forgetting.

Today I grocery shopped for the week, took a nice chilly walk in which I did a lot of philosophizing and daydreaming, and for once remembered to start the pascetti sauce early so I could slow-simmer it. I also cleaned out the litterbox before it was overfilled, for a change, and had a talk with Andy in which we accomplished a fair bit. We tried a few more experiments with intimacy after we watched Monsters Inc yet again. Hopefully tonight will be more sleepful than the last few.
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