Cat (willowisp) wrote,

This morning I got up earlier than Pamela expected and even beat her to the shower, which she later said she couldn't believe. Dave was home after a 28-hour shift, so we chatted and half-watched something on the Discovery Channel while we waited for Andy to get up. Pamela had gotten oatmeal, so I had a familiar breakfast. We ended up leaving a little after noon, but it wasn't my fault.

I think I'll wait to comment on how Grandpa was until after I see him tomorrow.

After we left Grandpa's we headed to Rome with plans to get gas, deposit some checks, and get Chinese. Gerry and Julie had returned from a vacation earlier that day but were too tired to visit Grandpa. We decided on impulse to drop in, and ended up talking for several hours. When we finally left Mom decided it was too late for gas or the bank, so we picked up some wonton soup and came home.

The soup was excellent, as is almost always the case with this place. Andy had gone home with Pamela and Dave so he can catch his flight tomorrow, and after Mom relinquished the computer I MUSHed for a while in order to talk to him. I already miss him, but at least I got to see him for most of today, and I'm going home on Monday. I forgot to flatfile today -- oopsie. Noia hasn't beaten me up yet.
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