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So, after staying up until approximately 02:00 for even more random discussing, what did Andy and I get but a phone call at 08:00? Even better yet was the delivery and the message -- an automated announcement saying that the flight from Philly to Syracuse had been canceled, and that we could call an 800 number to set up an alternative. A few minutes later the phone rang again, and we figured it was the automated message for me. Instead it was my sister, whose co-worker has a relative in the flight industry, and his first response upon hearing that Pamela had relatives flying in was to check the flight status. Andy showered and got ready to deal with airline folks and sent me back to bed until kitty feeding time.

While I was dozing he discovered that the airline had actually rescheduled both of us, and on the same flight, even. Since our new outbound flight was a bit later than our original, we had time to run by school and then to have our usual Friday lunch, albeit a bit early. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare and even got to park in the good lot. We had a bit of trouble when we tried to use the check-in kiosk, but the desk agent and we all agreed that this was probably due to the change. We went to the security line at RDU which very few people know about and got through quickly.

We'd been told by the gate agent that the plane from La Guardia to Syracuse would be delayed, so when we discovered that the one from RDU to La Guardia was delayed, we didn't panic much. When I saw that it'd been delayed by over and hour I pulled out The Silmarillian and began my second attempt at reading it, the first having failed lo these many years ago. Then they announced another hour delay, so I went hunting and found a discarded copy of USA Today and solved their crossword puzzle, just in time to board. And, on an odd note which doesn't really figure into the story but is weird: there were a lot of people flying from RDU to Syracuse today.

Anyway, we got to LGA at about the time our connecting flight was originally supposed to take of, but no worries -- it was delayed too. To keep ourselves entertained Andy and I gnawed on a New York bagel. I worked on the crossword from USAir's in-flight magazine (I'd solved the other while en route) while he did important stuff on his laptop. Finally, at about 19:00 (the flight was originally supposed to have landed at 17:55) we boarded. We had a very unhealthy-sounding plane, though once it was in the air it settled down. One hour later and we arrived in Syracuse, having spent far too many hours in that weird state known as "airport time".

Pamela had been tracking our flight via USAir's site, so she was there to pick us up. She'd decided not to eat until we got there, so all of us were very hungry and the chicken over rice never had a chance. She did something no one else has been able to do -- got us to sit down and watch The Sixth Sense. Neither Andy nor I figured out the twist. We also geeked about Monsters Inc, which she really loves, and we helped her identify one of her figurines from the movie (the monster who runs the training simulator) which had given her a sense of deja vu but which she couldn't quite place.

Last night Mary called Aunt Mel and Uncle Rich and told them Grandpa wasn't going to last the night. They came up, but will probably leave before Andy, Pamela, and I get to Boonville tomorrow. Pamela's theory is that Mary wanted to make Aunt Mel come since she hadn't been planning on doing so. Since this isn't the first time Mary's done this, none of us are too surprised. Mom told Pamela that Grandpa is very weak, but she doesn't think he's in such dire shape. Andy hasn't seen Grandpa since November and I haven't since last month... I wonder how we'll end up calling it.
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