Cat (willowisp) wrote,

I had trouble sleeping last night for some reason. This is odd, since my meds generally knock me so far out that I don't know anything until the gradual process of waking up begins. Or Thena starts telling me it's time for breakfast, whichever comes first. Anyway, even trying to nap after feeding her didn't help, so I started my day somewhat earlier than usual. Of course this was all B.C. (before coffee), so that didn't mean particularly much.

After driving Andy to work I went grocery shopping and promptly forgot to get one of the three things I really needed to get, so I guess I get to make the trip tomorrow. I'll have to go there anyway; due to Cobra/insurance stupidity we ended up being over-debited, so I need to make a deposit to cover the rent check I turned in today. It'll be so nice when Andy's getting checks bi-weekly at his new salary, so that even when something unforeseen like this happens (I know, I know, it's not really unforeseen when taking into account every other time we've dealt with this insurance, but...), we won't have to scramble to cover it from savings elsewhere.

Anyway, after Andy got home we ate dinner (he had chicken salad, I had marinated chicken baked with pineapples and served over rice, plus a salad) and then he began folding a tessellation. While he was doing so we watched The Emperor's New Groove and then, just because we needed more John Goodman goodness, Monsters Inc. That's more than we usually watch over a period of weeks, but it was fun.
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