Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It was so pretty out today that I took a walk instead of using the treadmill. It's 61 degrees now, at 22:40, making it hard to believe that this is February we're dealing with. Apparently there's a storm front coming tomorrow, provided it stays on course, and it looks like we'll be getting rain. We're still in drought conditions, so this is a good thing, and now that I have an alternative to walking it's not even a problem getting in the way of exercise.

After Andy got home from work (bearing flowers) we went to South Point and had dinner at Firebirds. Then I did some time in Build-A-Bear while he looked at games in a used game store. He didn't find anything he wanted, and I didn't get a bear, so I guess we're even ;). Then we came home and he gave me a beautiful replica of the leaf pins given to the Fellowship in FotR, for which I found immediate use. I'll need to get more tops which need fastening so I can wear it on occasion.

Thena is doing better today. She ate all of her brunch and was playing chase-me with Gail, as well as being a lap kitty. While we waited for her dinner time to roll around Andy began playing Final Fantasy IX (he played FFX first). It looks like this one isn't taking itself too seriously -- a lot of silly moments. After I fed the kitties we had some of the cake I baked yesterday, and after I'm done with this I plan on cuddling with Andy for a while.
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