Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We got to sleep at a more reasonable hour last night, so we were up when it was still morning. We exercised, then did random weekend chores. I also baked a midnight chocolate cake with egg substitute. There was almost a tragedy in that I forgot to set the timer, but luckily I noticed it wasn't going off and Andy was able to determine that it had been 36 minutes since I put it in, which means it was only 6 minutes longer than called for. It's a very gooey heavy cake normally, so it wasn't anywhere near drying out or burning.

The home news for the day is that Thena is not feeling well. We noticed she wasn't eating with her usual gusto yesterday, and today she wouldn't eat what was in her dish, though she kept asking for more. Then she started making that ululating sound cats do before horching something up, and it definitely wasn't hair balls which ended up on the floor. She did start eating again afterward though, so we're hoping it was just a minor tummy upset.

This evening was basically lazy, once I finished doing some monthly jobs and iced the cake. For amusement value I started a D&D ranger yesterday with the new rules, and finished her tonight. I have no idea if/when I'll ever be able to play her, but at least I've vaguely re-acquainted myself with chargen. I also found another pretty paperweight on ebay. This time it's by Eickholt, and it looks to be iridescent as opposed to dichroic. It's also oddly-shaped, which always gets my attention. Other than cleaning and creating and gawking I didn't do much today. Hooray for weekends.
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