Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Andy and I ended up staying up til somewhere past 05:00. I was awakened at about 10:00 by Tanner calling and wanting to discuss the Columbia tragedy with Andy. After he guessed he'd awakened me I fed the kitties and went back to bed for a few hours. I finally got up and Andy was still completely zonked, so I let him sleep while I did my morning frittering around. I just realized I forgot to flatfile this weekend -- maybe I'll try to do it before midnight just because I'm obsessive about doing it on Saturdays. Ok, done.

We both exercised, then had dinner, and spent the past few hours watching Trading Spaces and While You Were Out. This is my first time seeing the actual shows, and I thought they were interesting. I think one twist for the former would be to have mortal enemies trade and design instead ;).

Grandpa update: Mom wrote to say that Mary took Grandpa off of the cesium. She thought it was making him sick and it obviously wasn't working. He has rebounded somewhat; it's no longer such an acute chance that he won't make it until Andy and I get there. They also started him on another program, though this one comes somewhat better recommended. My former Uncle, John (he was married to Aunt Eileen) remarried recently. His mother-in-law had cancer and had been sent home to die five years ago, and she's still alive today. This one is much simpler than the calcium/cesium/unobtanium/etc plan: all Grandpa has to do is drink an ounce of fluid which is a bunch of vitamins. He's down 90 lbs right now, so our next job will be getting him to eat again. He still doesn't want to give up.
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