Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Today we did Friday errands, with a slight twist. Instead of having our lunch date we instead had leftovers. After the errands were done we went to B&N, where I cleaned out about half a shelf's worth of Tolkien and also finally got an AD&D Player's Handbook. Then we had dinner at the new Asian restaurant -- to my pleasant surprise, the rice was better this time. Last time it was very peppery and burned; today it was more or less rice-like. I had thought the spiciness was due to it being jasmine rice, but hopefully that isn't the case. Oh, and the teriyaki was good.

When we got home there were no messages on the machine, but caller ID was flashing. Unfortunately it's on the fritz again, but after much coaxing I could see enough to discern it was from Denver, Colorado. Mom and Pamela both use calling cards, and on any given call they will be from just about any city in the US, so I called both and left messages. Mom never called back, nor was she at Grandpa's when I called there. Pamela called back a few minutes later; she'd picked up the phone at the tail end of the message, but since I was done leaving it I had already hung up.

Grandpa note: He was very happy to hear Andy was coming. He also told me they've had 212 inches of snow this year; the low the other night was -30 without wind chill, and that UNC needs to get a basketball team. The last is a good sign: his sense of humor resurfacing means he's feeling better. Seven more days until he turns 79 and we arrive in upstate NY.

The other news I promised a few journal entries back is now safe to relay. Pamela and Dave have a house. It's a four-story split level with an in-ground heated pool and a fireplace. The woman who lived in it did wonders with decorations; one of Pamela and Dave's requests was that she leave the drapery. Today they found out they have the mortgage (pending the technicality of the bank having the house appraised), and they'll be paying 10% up front which in turn gives them a monthly payment of less than they were paying in rent while living apart.

They put in their offer the first day the house was on the market, were the third to offer, and the house was out of their intended range. They also had to give a counteroffer which put it up even more over their hopeful range, but they adore the house. I've also heard (mostly through Dave Barry house-buying articles) that it's common to go out of your range when buying a house. Anyway, for those who want to compare upstate housing costs with local, they got the house for 98k. I haven't heard Pamela this excited in a while.
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