Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Homecoming (I hope)

Delta messed up again. First their computers were so completely down that no one could board the plane, then it ended up taking off over an hour late. It is currently scheduled to land at 7:05. Fortunately, his connecting flight is also delayed, taking off at 7:26. This means that with any luck, if he makes a run for it and they hold his flight, he *might* get on it. Otherwise, he'll have to take a later flight which would get him in at 10pm.

He's had no lunch today and won't have time to grab any at Cinti. I'm thinking I'll do the first stage (30 minutes + prep) and possibly even the second (15 minutes + prep) before I leave, and will only have to do the two 15 minute steps when we get home (or the one, if I've gotten the first two done already).

The bugger is going to be timing -- to get even step one done and still have time to get to the airport, I need to get it started before his plane lands, let alone before I find out if he'll make the connection. Perhaps I can do step one such that it'll occur about when his plane lands, and if he makes the connection, do step two and leave for the airport. Somewhere in there (probably while step 1 is cooking) I'll need to get in my shower. The reason I have to leave so early for the airport is that I'm getting some of the yummy sparkling cider from to celebrate his coming home.

I got the present wrapped earlier today and most of the stuff done. There's a pile of junk on the guest bed, but I'm just going to have to hope Andy is happy enough with the rest of the apt that he won't mind. I think, given the cirsumstances of his day so far, that I'll bring the bear into the airport with me. Anyway, it's time to go finally bake those brownies. Wish me luck with getting everything done!
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